Fight Germs with Style

We have an arsenal of products to keep germs at bay these days- antibacterial soap, wipes, sprays, gels, face masks, gloves. In order for them to work, you have to carry them around with you, which can be a hassle when you travel. Some people walking aroung airports look like they should be walking around an OR. But now there is something new to protect you that you wear and actually looks good, too.

GermBana is a new antibacterial fabric that is soft and comfortable for you but kills germs including MSRA on contact. It does so by breaking down the negatively charged fibers in bacterial membranes with its positvely charged fibers. So, no smell or chemicals and it keeps its germ killing properties wash after wash. GermBana comes in black or khaki and is made into a pocketed scarf, neck/face gaiter and gloves. Go ahead, cough or sneeze into that scarf. Germs are killed on contact. Enviornmentally friendly, washable, good looking, and long lasting. A new, fashionable way to kill germs to add to your packing list.