Travel Tip Tuesday – Lost on Vacation

Traveling can be disorienting- new environment, different language, changing hotels frequently, along with fatigue and jet lag. If you are traveling with a group, you may not be paying as close attention to where you are or where you are staying.  You need to know how to reconnect if you get separated from your group.

Got a cell phone? Take a picture of your hotel.  You can show this to someone to help you find your way back, even if you don’t speak the language. If they have a business card or match book, take one and keep it with you.

Make a plan.  Decide where you will meet, if you get separated each day. Know where your group is headed next.   Wear a watch to keep track of the time. Ask your tour guide the best way to contact them if you get separated from the gang. Your bus may not pick you up where you got dropped off.


Travel Tip Tuesday- These shoes were made for walking

Shoes take up a lot of valuable packing space. Choose which shoes you will bring on your trip wisely. Think function rather than fashion.

  • A must- comfortable walking shoes that are already broken in for walking, exercising and during travel.
  • A cheap pair of flip flops to wear in a pool area, in the bathroom or shower. Best not to go barefoot anywhere. You never know what you might step on.
  • A pair you can wear comfortably that will be appropriate if you have to dress up. Make sure you can also walk good distances in these without pain.  If you know you won’t have to dress up, omit these.

While we all want to look good, find shoes that are practical, light weight and pack well and ok, look good, too.

Heat Exhaustion – Travel Tip Tuesday

You dont have to travel  far to  feel too hot this summer. Know what to do when you get too hot and how to get cooled off. Early action can prevent heat exhaution from progressing to heat stroke. And drink, drink, drink (non-alchololic beverages, that is).


It’s in our community now, it’s on cruise ships and it’s in the news. Norovirus is its real name although many people call it the “stomach flu”. And it’s no fun.

It’s well known for its sudden onset of symptoms- vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain mostly and sometimes fever, chills, and muscle aches. It spreads quickly, especially in crowded enclosed places, schools, cruise ships, and hotels. Some people shed the virus before the onset of symptoms but most at the onset of symptoms and for up to 3 days after. It’s spread by contact with contaminated food, beverages, and by touching contaminated surfaces such as elevator buttons, door knobs, etc.

It hits fast and fortunately doesn’t last long. There is no vaccine or specific treatment. Antibiotics don’t work because it is a virus not a bacteria. The very young, elderly and people with other health issues are more suspect able to complications.

To prevent it, wash your hands! Keep your hands and fingers out of your mouth. If you are traveling take Oral Rehydration Solution packets with you to help you stay hydrated if you get ill.