Eating Well in Airports

You’re in the airport tired, travel weary and hungry. Most of what you see is fast food and the other options just don’t look too good.  You’re wishing you had more choices.  Here are a few suggestions of some inexpensive, portable, and nutritious foods to bring along that will keep the whole family satisfied.

Oatmeal (quick cook rolled oats) is one of the cheapest and healthiest grains you can find. Dried oatmeal could be carried in a wide mouthed nalgene type container or in packets. Eat without cooking or mix with yogurt, hot water, or fruit juice, which are all readily available in most airports.  Add nuts and dried fruits.

Hard boiled eggs.  A high protein convenience food in its own container. Keep them in the shell until ready to eat to minimize germs.

Granola is also great for airports.  Buy already assembled or make it yourself.  Add pecans, cashews, or walnuts, raisins or dried fruit, and don’t forget to add dark chocolate chips. Store in resealable plastic bags.  Everyone can have their own.

Avoid carbonated beverages, excessive caffeine, and alcohol.  Drink plenty of clean water. Carry some of your favorite herb tea bags or hot chocolate packets to add to hot water.  Dry cup of soup packages don’t take up much room, either.

Next time you’re roaming an airport and getting hungry, don’t look for a something with arches, and just look in your own bag.


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