Avoiding Winter Travel Woes

Here are a few suggestions to help you cope with winter travel.

Right phone numbers– Keep important phone numbers handy for use during travel. Program your cell phone or write it down and keep it on you. You will need your airline, car rental, hotel, travel insurance company, etc. If your flight is late or cancelled, you can avoid the long line at the airline desk by calling them on your cell phone to make your arrangements. If you have travel insurance, call them and they will assist you.

Fly early in the morning if you can. These flights are the least likely to get delayed or cancelled. You will have more opportunities for rebooking that day. It’s no fun sleeping overnight in an airport because you’re stuck.

Check flight status early and often. You can do this from a computer, smart phone, and tablet or at the airport. Always check the departing and arrival boards at the airport.

Fly direct. If you have a connecting flight you also need to monitor the flights and weather at that destination, too. If you do have a connecting flight and the weather looks bad there, call the airline and see if you can reroute to another connecting flight.

Remember to bring your cell phone and keep it charged. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best for easier winter travel.


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