Dental Malfunction

When I was 12, I chipped my front teeth. I have had caps since then and over the years, they have fallen off and one cracked when I bit into a chicken leg once. Fortunately, I was home and was only inconvenienced because it happened on a weekend. But what if I was traveling? How available is quality dental care where you travel? What would you do if a filling came out, a bridge broke or a cap came off?

A year ago, a travel clinic client told me she had been on a cruise ship when she had a dental malfunction. She went to the infirmary. They pulled out an emergency dental kit, made a temporary repair and charged her $200. She knew she could’ve made the repair herself but didn’t have the right stuff. She asked if emergency dental kits were available for sale. And they are. For about $25.

The dental emergency kit allows you to do basic, temporary repairs for most dental emergencies. There are several types on the market and most include tweezers, a dental mirror, floss, picks, cement, temporary fillings and topical and oral analgesics. This compact kit comes with full written directions and takes up little room and has a long shelf life.

Travel Health of New Hampshire carries one and it costs $25. Got caps? Get EDK- Emergency Dental kit.


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