The Question I Hear Most Often Is

Why should I go to a travel clinic before a trip?

Here are the top 10, some of which might surprise you.

1. We do all the internet leg work for you. We consult with experts in the US and Switzerland daily to stay on top of the latest outbreaks, safety concerns and vaccine recommendations and requirements.

2. You may not be fully protected against illnesses present in other countries, such as polio and typhoid. We can discuss routine, recommended and required vaccines.

3. You’ll get a prescription for the medication that is best suited for you (side effects, cost, and convenience) to prevent malaria, a potentially life-threatening disease that is present in many tropical countries.

4. We’ll tell you how to prevent and treat traveler’s diarrhea, a condition that can ruin your trip and stay with you for weeks after you return.

5. We’ll tell you whether you will have any problems with your regular medications or treatments while traveling. Are any of your prescriptions controlled substances?Are you a diabetic carrying syringes? Use medications that need refrigeration? Use a C-Pap machine?

6. There are many diseases for which there are no vaccines, such as dengue fever, which you may not have ever even heard of before. We’ll tell you how to prevent it.

7. We’ll teach you about food and water precautions.

8. We’ll give you tips and treatments for jet lag.

9. You’ll receive a wealth of suggestions for staying safe, including accident prevention tips, embassy contact information, overseas health and emergency evacuation insurance and local health care resources.

10. We carry specialty products to keep you healthy and safe- dental emergency kits, first aid kits designed for your destination, syringe and suture kits, oral rehydration solutions, insect control products, and much more.


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