Safari to Kenya Day 1

Between watching the winds that determine volcano ash direction and the politics of a strike, getting to Nairobi, via London, has been a challenge. After a long flight, it felt great to stretch my legs as I walked through Heathrow. As with any large international airport once you exit the plane you have quite a distance to go to exit the airport. As I walked down long corridors, up and down stairs, took a train and weaved through the cues, I wondered how far I’d walked. I sat beside an older woman on the bus to our hotel and she estimated we’d probably walked one mile, perhaps more. She doesn’t travel often and was very surprised that we had to walk so far in the airport. I was thinking it wasn’t nearly as long as other airports I’d been to.

I didn’t ask my seat companion her age. But it got me thinking. How realistic are the expectations of some older, less experienced travelers about the physical aspects of their trips ?Those of us in travel health need to be more aware of how fit our clients for their travel. Originally we had a connecting flight with a two hour layover. Not much time to traverse a large airport especially for slower goers.

After an entertaining meal at a local pub (fish and chips, of course) we leave London for an early flight to Nairobi.


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