Get It Together Before You Go

Perhaps the most stressful part about traveling is getting everything ready before you go. Keep a checklist in a document file that you can refer to before each trip so that you will worry less about forgetting something essential.

Use a document neck holder in the airport or train stations, so that you can have both hands free but keep your travel documents safe and readily accessible at all times. Choose a wallet just for travel that is small enough to carry only essential items. Think about preventing pick pockets and keep your wallet in your front pants pocket, around your neck or in a purse slung across your shoulder.

What I need to bring

Tickets- air, bus, and/or train
Passport and any travel visas
Travel /health insurance information
Copies of my passport, Visas, and extra passport photo kept separate from originals
Driver’s license (even if you aren’t planning on driving – it’s a back up photo ID)
Copy of itinerary, address, phone number for inside your luggage tags
Send yourself an email with your itinerary, medical history/medication list, passport number, and emergency customer service numbers for your credit card company
Confirmation documents for hotel, activities, etc.
Photocopy of any essential prescription drugs you take
Copy of your eyeglass prescription

Take only the essential items from your regular wallet. Take only the credit card(s) or ATM card that you will need for this trip. Leave everything else at home.

Once you make this list, it will be a time saving tool you will use over and over again.


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