Keeping Track of Important Travel Information

Losing your passport, airline or hotel confirmation number can be a nightmare. Many people will make multiple copies and take those with them. But here’s a better idea – I send myself an email with all my important information.

If you get separated from your group, get lost, injured, or worse, you will likely end up in an airport, hospital, embassy, military or police station where internet access is available just about anywhere in the world. If you have a Gmail or Yahoo account, you can access your email from any computer. Don’t have a Gmail or Yahoo account? You can still send yourself an email and retrieve it at It’s free. Type in your email address and password and there is your email.

I send myself my passport, itinerary, the international telephone number for my credit card company customer service line, immunization records, important medical records and medication lists, hotel confirmation numbers and telephone numbers, and anything else you might think helpful. Keeping track of important travel information easily gives you peace of mind.


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